WHAT ARE WAX MELTS? Wax melts are basically wickless candles.  You place the melt in a wax warmer and it melts to release the scent in the air. When the scent is gone and you can no longer smell it, you change out the wax and place a new piece in the warmer.

HOW DO YOU USE THEM? For optimal results, we recommend starting with ONE average sized Mini Melter or chunk in your dish. You will have to cut chunk muffins and pie slices into pieces to get many uses from them. Many of our customers cut their chunk bags into smaller pieces, but some do not. You can use a fork straight up and down to cut wax, instead of trying to saw through it with a knifel. (I will link a video soon!)

Some people feel that using a larger amount of wax in the dish creates a medium scent throw for an extended period of time; and using a smaller amount of wax creates an extreme scent throw, but for a shorter period of time.

In the end, smell is subjective, and varies from person to person. One person loves a scent that another despises. Please reach out to us at rosegirlswaxmelts@gmail.com if you are experiencing any issues with throw, and we can try to troubleshoot with you!

WHAT IS A WAX WARMER? A wax warmer is what heats the wax, therefore releasing the scent.  There are a huge variety of wax warmers available, with all different kinds of heat sources, temperatures and effectiveness.  Wax melts have become so popular that you can purchase a wax melter in just about every big box retailer and department store, and of course online.  For optimal results we recommend using one of the following: 1) a 20 watt or higher hotplate warmer, 2) a halogen bulb warmer, or 3) a tealight warmer. 

HOW DO I MAKE AN ORDER? We offer unlimited chunk preorders about every other month.  Follow us on social media or join our newsletter to be updated on those openings! We always have Mini Melters available to purchase right here on our website rgwax.com. We also have a retail store located at 420 N Main St. Oshkosh WI, 54901. In the retail store we offer over 200 scents in wax, as well as other amazing handmade indie products including bath and body products, jewelry and art. We accept debit/credit and Paypal for payment options.

HOW DOES SHIPPING WORK? DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? Yes, we ship ALL OVER THE WORLD utilizing USPS (United States Postal Service). International shipping costs are calculated at the time of shipping, and invoiced via Paypal.  Also, additional customs charges may be placed on your order by the country you live in when the order arrives.

WHEN WILL I GET MY ORDER? We offer a variety of products and restocks with different turn around times. In general, our tat for Mini Melters is 1-3 weeks.  Our tat for Chunk Preorders is 4-6 weeks.  Our tat for ready to ship sales in 1-3 days. International orders can take a few extra days to process and ship.

HOW MUCH DOES SHIPPING COST? For Mini Melter orders, the cost is $7.50 for 6 bags or less (or 3 MM samplers), and $10 for orders containing more than 6 MM bags, or more than 3 samplers. Chunk Preorders and RTS sales will have flat rate shipping costs announced at the time of the opening. International shipping costs are calculated at the time of shipping and invoiced via Paypal.  

WHAT KIND OF WAX DO YOU USE? We use a parasoy blend of wax (paraffin and soy).

DO YOU OFFER WHOLESALE PRICING? No, not at this time. We may in the future.

DOES YOUR WAX NEED TO CURE? Your order is ready to melt when you receive it. Scented wax tends to get stronger with time, but will also be plenty strong when you receive it.

HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? Contact us anytime on rosegirlswaxmelts@gmail.com, or by using the Contact tab found at the bottom of the website.