Limited Edition

Limited Edition


Here you will find the special Limited Edition Mini Melters that will be available to purchase from 7/15 - 9/15. 6oz bag for $7.50 Turn around time is up to 3 weeks from the date of the order. Thank you for your patience!

Alice’s Cheshire Cat - Honeydew, Cotton Candy Frosting and Zen

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch Nilla Noel - This B&BW duplication is fantastic blended with our top selling Nilla Noel combo

Fountain of Youth - Herbal Lavender, Salty Sea Air, So White (Lush dupe) & Clean Cotton

French Lavender and Vanilla Lace (VS dupe) grown up lavender blend

Friday Night Lights - Oakmoss, Rain, Freshly Cut Grass and Leather

JACKED UP!!! Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha, Espresso, Sugar Milk and Rice Krispie Treats

Lambeau Leap - Cider Lane, Sweater Weather and Vanilla Bean Noel (all B&BW duplications)

Macintosh Coconut Marshmallows - crisp fresh apple blended with coconut cream and puffy gooey marshmallows

Orange Sherbet, Strawberries & Cream, Cream Cheese Frosting and Peeps Cake

Peppermint, American Cream (Lush dupe) and Frosted Cupcake

Strawberry Sangria - Fresh Picked Strawberries, Raspberries Oranges and Moscato. Crisp and refreshing

Sugar Cookie Dough Cream Cheese Frosting Waffle Cone Wackadoodle - total bakery all day and all night long

Summer Lovin 2.0 - Apple Mango Tango (Gain type) Marshmallow Smoothie, Campfire Marshmallows and Vanilla Sandalwood

Sunset in July - Blue Hawaiian, Cherry Berry Punch, Satsuma and Pineapple. YOW.

Whipped Apricot Ice Cream - juicy apricots blended with cream vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

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