Limited Edition

Limited Edition


In addition to the base list of 100 scents available, we also have 15 Limited Edition Mini Melter blends that will be available until July 15th ONLY!

6oz per bag

☆☆☆☆☆☆Jenny's Picks

☆ 360 - Ocean, Shaving Cream, Fresh Rain and Herb Patch & Oak Moss. Clean. Sexy. Masculine

☆ Angel Fluff Salad - plump, sweet strawberries & raspberries blended into rich vanilla cream and topped with coconut shavings & marshmallows. So much yum!!

☆ Tropical Blueberry Mojito - tart, ripe blueberries collide with fresh mint, lime, effervescence and a splash of juicy pineapple.

☆ Petey Colada - From our Mario Bros. Inspired line! Pina Colada, Lemon Poppyseed Cake and Marshmallow Smoothie. This is one of my very favorite Summer blends!

☆ Snickerdoodle Latte Nilla Noel Cookies - sweet cinnamon sugar and brown sugar blended with piping lot lattes, blended with Vanilla Wafers & Vanilla Bean Noel.

☆ Starfruit Kiwi Koolaid - sweet, bright and & fun summery concoction of fruits.

☆ Strawberry Buttercream Vanilla Crunch Donuts

☆☆☆☆☆☆Customer Picks

☆ 124 Conch St - From our Spongebob inspired line~ very strong sweet tropical fruity blend of Bora Bora and Blue Hawaiian

☆ Carbs Streuselkuchen - warm Bread, Cookies and Donuts blended with our house blend of cinnamon coffee cake

☆ Cider Delight and Vanilla Crunch Donuts - secret RG blend of yummy bakery and Cider Lane blended with Vanilla Crunch Donuts

☆ Circus Concession - Macintosh, Ooey Gooey Caramel, Cotton Candy Frosting and Funnel Cake. Reminiscent of a day at the State Fair!

☆ Cool Beans - Peppermint, Sweet Lavender & Vanilla Bean Noel. Our tried and true sleepy time blend.

☆ Pineapple, Raspberry Coconut and Gilligans Brew - just in time for Summer!

☆ Strawberry Soda and Lemonade - sweet & bubbly soda blended with tangy strong freshly made lemonade - lick the air worthy for sure!

☆ Sweet Lemon Confection, Cream Cheese Frosting & Pie Crust - tart lemon sugar blended with rich bakery. If you like lemon bakery, this is a must have!

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