Limited Edition

Limited Edition


In addition to the base list of 100 scents available, we will also have 15 Limited Edition Mini Melter blends that will be available until May 14th ONLY!  6oz per bag.

Turn around time is up to 4 weeks. International orders will incur additional shipping charges at time of shipment.


--29 Olive Street- this blend smells like the inside of a LUSH store

-- Apple Eclipse- Succulent crisp green apples dipped in coconut milk and coated in a bourbon vanilla glaze

--Banana Cream Cheese Rice Krispie Treats – Banana Cream Pie, Cream Cheese Frosting and Rice Krispie Treats

--Berry Crème Brulee Fluff Puffs – Berry Crème Brulee, Monster Cookie and Marshmallow Smoothie

--Blackberry Rainbow Sherbet Lemonade – customer created blend by: Carrie Sofko

--Blueberry Hill - Booberry and Strawberry Frankenberry

--Cherry Berry Mango Salt Water Taffy

--Cloud 9 – American Cream, Pink Sugar and Zen

--Dunk my Donut Waffle Cone Sugar Cookie

--Lemon Sugar & Love Spell - feminine and fruity blend

--Pink Barracuda- Pink Sugar, Pink Lady and Sun and Sand (type)-

--Razzleberry Cream - Raspberry Sauce, Blueberry Cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream

--Satsuma Supernova - Black Cherry, Satsuma, Paradise and Cotton Candy Frosting

--Shooting Stars – new exclusive ultra fruity blend with notes of Starfruit, Guava, Grape and Raspberry

--Strawberry Lime Fluff – Strawberry Jam, Florida Key Lime Pie and Marshmallow Smoothie

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