Limited Edition Mini Melters

Limited Edition Mini Melters


In addition to the base list of 100 scents available, we will also have 15 Limited Edition Mini Melter blends that will be available until December 31st 2017 ONLY!  6oz per bag. Turn around time is up to 4 weeks.

*Apple Fritter Carbs <3 (Everything that is good in this world. Apple Fritters, Donuts, Cookies, Bread)

*Blueberry Lime Ice Cream Scoop Bread Tobacco (earthy sweet unique)

*Candy Cane Lane (Peppermint, Buttercream, Strawberry Euphoria)

*Christmas Wish Peeps Cake (Pine, Vanilla Sugar Cookie, yellow cake, fluffy white frosting and sugar covered marshmallow Peeps)

*Cinnamon Glazed Oranges (One of the best Christmas blends around. MUST have if you like cinnamon and orange!)

*Cranberry Koolaid (Bright, sweet, festive and fruity)

*Grandma got run over by a Chain Chomp (Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, Cotton Candy Frosting and Waffle Cone)

*Holy Cannoli Twinkies (Raspberry Sauce, Cream Cheese Frosting, Cannoli and our in-house blended Twinkies oil)

*Lavender Coconut Milk and Chamomile

*Nilla Strawberry Noel (One of our top 3 best sellers EVER! Nilla Wafers, Strawberry Jam and Vanilla Bean Noel)

*Ooey Gooey Caramel Pear (ooey gooey sticky caramel and fresh realistic pear)

*O' Christmas Tree (true woodsy green pine, fir and spruce blend).

*Royal Sweet Potato Pie (Royal Sugar Cookie and Sweet Potato Pie)

*Spiced Apples and Peaches Ice Cream

*Zen Pink Lavender Linen (Clean crisp luxurious lavender clean)


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