RG Candy Shop Sampler

RG Candy Shop Sampler


The RG Candy Shop line! 🍭🍬🍫

A sampler of all 10 scents in our Candy Shop - 16oz+

💛 Blackberry Lollipops and Lemonheads

💚 Bubblegum Cotton Candy Frosting Smoothie

🖤 Caramel Toffee Sugar Cookie Dough Cups

❤ Cherry Mango Jolly Ranchers

💙 Fruity Pebbles, Blue Cotton Candy and Rock Candy

💜 Key Lime Grape Blow Pops

🧡 Orange Creamsavers

❤ Raspberry Rainbow Salt Water Taffy

💛 Strawberry Sour Patch Kids

💙 Tootsie Pop – original rich chocolate

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