Seasonal Mini Melters

Seasonal Mini Melters


This section contains scents and blends that will be available until December 31st only! 6oz of wax for $7.50. Average turn around time is 2-4 weeks.

Bourbon Eggnog- creamy and boozy just like the drink - cheers!

Cider Lane (BBW type) - blend of juicy apple mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon

Christmas Past- freshly cut Christmas tree- straight pine

Christmas Wish (Yankee type) - soft pine/fir mixed with sweet sugar cookies

Cranberry Marmalade- luscious blend of tart cranberries spiced apples and fresh California orange peel.

Gingerbread Latte- fresh coffee and cream blended with spicy gingerbread

Hot Cocoa- warm frothy fresh milk chocolate

Leaves- Crisp, delightful and clean like actual leaves

Leaves BBW type- crisp red apple, golden nectar, warm clove spice

Mulberry- sweet blend of berries featuring mulberries

O' Christmas Tree- true woodsy green pine, fir and spruce blend

Salted Caramel - rich silky caramel vanilla

Spiced Apples and Peaches - exactly as great as it sounds - really strong throw

Spiced Cranberry Cobbler- spicy cranberries and streusel topping

Sweater Weather- BBW duplication - Fresh, crisp, and herbal with notes of Sage, Eucalyptus and Juniper berries

Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha - silky smoothie french vanilla combined with rich mocha and roasted hazelnuts

Vanilla Lace- grown up vanilla with a touch of musk

Wintergreen Vanilla- fresh wintergreen and smooth vanilla

Woolen Blanket- masculine blend of cedar, vetiver, and dark amber

☆☆☆ The following blends are being added to the Limited Edition/Seasonal Line

-- Apple Clove Butter, Vanilla Sandalwood and Campfire Marshmallows

-- Apple Cranberry Pie - crisp Macintosh Madness blended with sweet Cranberry Marmalade, Brown Sugar and warm flaky Pie Crust

-- Badger State Cocoa - Hot Cocoa, Peppermint and Marshmallow Smoothie

-- Banana Split Funnel Cake - Fresh Picked Strawberries, Bananas and Vanilla Ice Cream on top of a warm funnel cake

-- Blueberry Muffin, Baked Zucchini Bread & Vanilla Crunch Donuts

-- Butter Pecan Cake with Pumpkin Frosting - sweet rich bakery pumpkin blend

-- Clothes on the Line - fresh crisp warm laundry with a touch of vanilla.

--Did Somebody Say Donuts?!? - Jelly Donut, Vanilla Crunch Donuts, Glazed Donut and Dunk my Donut

-- Full Moon - Lavender Chamomile, Nag Champa & Aqua di Gio

-- Grape Bubblegum Fizzy Pops

-- Kaelyn's Scotcheroos - cozy blend of smooth and creamy butterscotch melted in a sticky, sweet pool of creamy marshmallow

-- Lemon Euphoria - blend of several lemon fragrances collide to provide you a perfect explosion of fresh clean citrus.

-- Pink Peppermint Salt Water Taffy - sweet and fresh blend - new favorite at the shop!

-- Strawberry Shortcake Swizzle Sticks Peeps Cake

-- Snug as a Bug - Pink Chiffon, Macintosh Madness and Sweater Weather type.

-- Sweet Lavender Pumpkin Pie with Sugar Cookie Dough Frosting

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